How fragile we are: Finding peace on a hard anniversary

In memory of my friend, Firefighter Gregory Saucedo, FDNY.

In memory of my friend, Firefighter Gregory Saucedo, FDNY.


This weekend I didn’t write, and I didn’t even look up the day’s aspects. I was incredibly busy and I figured I would just wing it. What could go wrong?

Not much did. That was a relief. But I missed one important detail: Mercury entered Virgo on Saturday night. It will stay in Virgo until September 29th.

On the positive side I felt driven to edit and share some of the photos I took at a bridal shower so that the bride-to-be could see how lovely and surrounded by love she was. I prepared for a client reading and trekked into the city to do it. Anything work-or-detail related went very well. But on the negative side, when I wasn’t attending to a task I was critical of myself and others yesterday. I knew the moon was in Taurus but I didn’t feel at peace.

If I had known Mercury was in Virgo that might have helped me see that I was noticing more and nitpicking what I noticed. Virgo’s agenda is to improve – to make something as close to perfect and ideal as possible. But if that energy is not being used in down-to-earth ways of service, usefulness, helpfulness, it can get stuck in negativity.

The Taurus moon will be void of course today until 3:29 p.m. EDT, when it will enter Gemini. While the moon is in Taurus, try to let simple things comfort and feed you: Nature, touch, work, music, food. On this anniversary of 9/11 let love move you, remembering who or what helped you through an unimaginable day; holding silence for those who lost their loved ones or their lives.

Then when the moon enters Gemini, try your best to let love and kindness have a voice. It will be easier to notice what’s wrong. But try to notice, share -- and serve -- what's good. 

(Moon void of course until 3:29 p.m. Moon enters Gemini 3:29 p.m. Moon square Mercury 5:54 p.m. Moon square Mars 10:42 p.m.)