Responsibility and truth: The Capricorn Moon conjunct Pluto


Lyndon and I are both writing at the dining room table. He’s writing a book report for his summer assignment and I’m writing about the day. I start a new Word document called September 2017. The empty page intimidates me. Lyndon taps his fingers. I hear a lot of erasing. This is brutal for both of us.

I take a break to see what’s happening on Instagram. That doesn’t really help. Rather than being excited for people I just feel competitive and sad. I go back to writing. Lyndon asks me whether I agree that some books shouldn’t have sequels. I ask him whether we can have that conversation after we both finish. Ten-year-old boy sound effects intermittently escape from his mouth while he writes. He apologizes.  

I think this might be the moon’s sextile to Neptune: Fogginess, dissatisfaction, a desire to escape. But the escape is not completely satisfying while the moon is in Capricorn. The work is looming and important.

Maybe today is about trying your best in real life and helping loved ones through if you can. You might not be able to help as much as you'd like to or they'd like you to. You will likely need alone time and silence today, too. 

Soon the moon will join Pluto, making escape even harder and less satisfying. This aspect is one of every month’s moments of truth. It’s heavy. It’s a time for emotional clearing.  

Try to avoid comparison with others today. Try to do something that might be hard but can only come from you. It might be more helpful or satisfying than you imagine. Start by just facing it.

(Moon sextile Neptune in Pisces 6:20 a.m. Moon conjunct Pluto 2:28 p.m.)