What haven't you been seeing? The Pisces Moon opposite Mercury

My Pisces Grandma and my worried child.

My Pisces Grandma and my worried child.


The symbolism of today's sky calls for imagination and dreaming. It also calls for adjustment.

I write at the dining table, because it’s a blank slate and neutral territory. I can’t see toys or games or laundry I should be folding. I write from the moment I wake up until I finish. Or until I have to run upstairs like I’m on fire to get ready for work. But it’s not ideal. As my family starts to stir and slowly make their way down for breakfast, they try their best to stay quiet and help me concentrate. “The moon…” Cheerios crunching. “Mercury…” Basketball stats. Sometimes it’s really hard.

This morning I changed my routine. Lyndon is away from home this week, and Lang leaves for work earlier than I do, so today I decided I’d write until he came down, get ready while he was eating breakfast, and then finish writing after he left. When I told Lang my plan he said, “Oh good. That means I don’t have to have oatmeal.” For a second it knocked the wind out of me. I didn’t realize that for three months as I’ve been trying to keep a routine of writing, he’s been avoiding noisy breakfasts to help me. His favorite breakfast is a smoothie. But the blender is loud, and he didn’t want to disturb me.

If you’ve been doing work that matters to you and hopefully helps others, too, today try to see how you haven’t been alone. Whose kindness has helped you plow through? Who was generous and flexible enough to sacrifice for you -- to make what’s important to you important to them?

Mercury in Virgo symbolizes a mindset of scrutiny, improvement, helpfulness, perfection. This can be a wonderful thing. There’s something about this energy that’s good for us right now, that’s helping us reach and express more of our true nature. But there can be a dark side, too: Driving ourselves or others too hard; never being satisfied.

With the moon in Pisces we can find love today by pulling the focus way back. What have we missed? What would God see? What would the deepest love and understanding tell us right now?

It might tell us to take a freaking break. If your days have been filled with work, productivity, or service, it might be time to disappear for a little bit. Do you need more musing or fantasy? Do you need a treat or a big belly laugh? Do you simply need more help? If you've been joylessly having oatmeal every day for someone else's benefit, can you invite or receive more love and compassion yourself?

It might tell us to get to work instead. That could be hard to hear, and I’m sorry. But I don’t mean drone work. Real work. If fear of failure is keeping us from doing anything at all, the Pisces moon can inspire us today. What would you say or do if you weren’t afraid of falling short? Are you keeping yourself small by being too careful?

I have three minutes until I hit that Late-for-work mark, so I’ll leave it here: Try to see if what you thought wasn’t ideal is actually already perfect, or could be with a slight adjustment.

(Moon trine Venus in Cancer 1:44 p.m. EDT. Moon opposite Mercury in Virgo 2:50 p.m. Moon conjunct Neptune 7:13 p.m.)