The Aquarius Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

What’s the symbolism of full moonlight being obstructed for almost two hours? Can that be a good thing? 

I notice my mind racing this morning. I saw some aggressive and unpredictable driving during my commute. Maybe we can all benefit from a moment to chill. 

The full moon can be unsettling. We can feel separated from what we hoped for during the new moon. We can see what hasn't come to pass. We can see what's out of our control.  

What's behind all of our emotion today? The eclipse gives us an opening for shadow work. The shadow of the Leo sun includes pride, stubbornness, arrogance, hiding, or ego. In the shadow of the Aquarius moon lies rigidity, defiant isolation, mob mentality, or complete detachment: “Who cares? Whatever. I’m over it. I give up." Even the earth has a shadow: sacrificing our essence and imagination to what’s practical or day-to-day, forgetting to reach and dream. 

Probably, some of these habits have separated us from our natural ability to love, create, or trust. We're human. Life is exhausting. But today we can get back on track. 

Where 15° Aquarius falls in our chart we have a chance to let in love and be healed if we can be vulnerable and yet truly ourselves. Some part of the earth's symbolism can help us – grounding us, helping us get to work, seeing the realistic next step. 

Try not to project everything onto The Other. Meditate on what YOU need and what's in your power to do right now. If you have to break away from a person, habit, or situation that is truly stifling you, let it be a generous and hopeful act. Have the conversation or make the move from a place of calm power, equality, and respect.  

Meditate on the mystery today, meditate on what has come to light, and then get to important work. 

(Moon opposite Mars 6:41 a.m. EDT. Moon opposite sun 2:10 p.m. Moon trine Jupiter in Libra 7:05 p.m.)