What Dress Code? The Nun Who Bullied Me and The Aquarius Moon

I dedicated countless hours in high school to braiding my own hair. 

I dedicated countless hours in high school to braiding my own hair. 


How do you feel about not conforming?

A nun at my high school once told me I was 9/10ths perfect. I had been out of dress code that day. She zoomed in on me without blinking, a curious smile on her face. She spoke in a creepy whisper. She said that 1/10th just had to show up and mess things up. She didn’t give me detention, which would have been a fair consequence. Instead she bullied a 15-year old girl.

What did that 1/10th mean to her? What was the 9/10ths she approved of?

There are compromises we all make to authority or society, and there are compromises that are too costly for our souls. That’s the lesson of Aquarius, the sign of today’s moon.

In high school I was an honor student and a basically well-behaved kid. But my progressed Venus was in Aquarius. Part of the way I was learning to break the rules and individuate was in the way that I dressed. It pissed some people off.

As we lead up to tomorrow’s full moon and partial lunar eclipse, reflect on the times you honored that 1/10th. If you have children, reflect on the times they did, too. Getting Aquarius right means risking disapproval or alienation. If you’re an Aquarius, this theme will be central in your life. But we all have Aquarius in our charts and we’ve all gone through Aquarius stages.

Authority or society will try to shame Aquarius energy. In the next two days, try to comfort some of those wounds. And take time to remember people who stood as unconventional role models or helped you be truly yourself.

I don’t harbor ill will toward that nun. I don’t know what conforming meant to her. I hope it brought her hope and peace. But she was wrong about that 1/10th. It wasn’t imperfect. It was bold and non-conformist.

I have an Aquarian child now, and that memory stays in me as a cautionary tale. I catch my own eyes narrowing in harsh judgment sometimes, and I have to remember to calm the heck down and try to see things a different way. His non-conformist ratio is way higher than mine. Can I make a safe space for that energy? Can I learn from it?

Try not to be threatened by what’s different today, in yourself or others. Some breathing room and detachment can go a long way. And if you’re up to it, express yourself in a way that’s bold and unexpected -- and free.