Life is hard. Go for the gold anyway: The Moon in Capricorn and the Leo Sun

This morning the Capricorn moon aspected both Pluto and Jupiter, highlighting the themes of the Jupiter/Pluto square I wrote about Wednesday. This is a challenging integration: The blessing and the wound. Facing the monster for the sake of wisdom and freedom. Seeing our relationships from a place of stark reality and adulthood. Where is the hope?

Hope is there. It’s there in Neptune, the planet of divine spirit, dreams and transcendence in the sign of Pisces. We can channel incredible love, compassion, and healing right now. We have stores of imagination, inspiration, and peace. We can access miracles.

Hope is there in the Leo sun. The lifegiver in the sky has been symbolizing pleasure, regality, performance and fun. Leo Usain Bolt runs his final 100-meter race today. How likely was it that a man with scoliosis and a leg-length discrepancy would become the fastest in the world? What can we all learn from his confidence, his smile, his enjoyment, and his swagger?

We all have limitations, and we may become more aware of them under the influence of today’s Capricorn moon. But every one of us also has legacy. What’s yours? Please don’t hide, and please don’t despair. Just stop running for a moment, to let grace and vision catch up.

(Moon conjunct Pluto 7:37 a.m. EDT. Moon square Jupiter 7:51 a.m.)