Hanging in there when it's hard or confusing: The moon in Capricorn during Mercury Retrograde

Philip Nealey/Getty Images

Philip Nealey/Getty Images

Today the moon is in Capricorn and Mercury will soon re-enter the sign of Leo.

How has this Mercury retrograde been treating you?

I’ve noticed that some people have been facing no-win choices. Many of them are expensive. Some of them are heartbreaking. The more personal the choice, the more worried people seem that they won’t get it right.

If you’re trying your best and the circumstances haven’t been ideal, I hope Mercury’s re-entry into Leo will help you be more generous with yourself. I hope you’ll see more signs around you of love and support. If you’ve done your due-diligence and explored all your options, I hope you’ll feel more trust and confidence now. And if you need help, I hope you’ll reach out.

On Sunday Mercury and Mars will come together, so the momentum is building for decision-making and action. Until then the Capricorn moon can help you carefully plan and sort through the details. Try your best to keep the faith while you do.

(Moon in Capricorn 4:18 a.m. EDT. Moon trine Mercury in Virgo 4:39 a.m. Mercury enters Leo 11:27 a.m. Moon trine sun 10:06 p.m.)