Being both spirit and self: The moon square sun and Neptune

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Today there’s a feeling of being pulled in two directions as the Sagittarius moon squares the sun and Neptune. We can handle them both with a little direction. 

How can you be your own coach or cheerleader today? What’s something tangible that comes from you that improves the world? Can you strive a little toward it today? Or do you need freedom from it? Does it still feel good?

How can spirit be your coach or cheerleader today? How can God? How can the goodness you see in humanity soothe or encourage you? Can the need you see in the world or in another living being bring out more of you?

Start with hope and meaning today. Look for opportunities to be both spirit and self. My brother Ted posted a video of himself frolicking in the grass. That works, too.

(Moon square sun 4:12 a.m. EDT. Moon square Neptune 5:59 p.m.)