When Not to Do Nothing: The Void Scorpio Moon and Virgo Sun

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The moon will be void of course until this afternoon. Sometimes that correlates with a feeling of slowness. Time drags and nothing really happens. The moon spends the last bit of time in a sign without aspecting other planets. Some astrologers would tell you to avoid new action.

But the moon represents our heart, feelings, intuition and imagination: how we instinctively size up the moment and become emotionally stirred. Do we just shut that off for the next 9-plus hours?

I hope not, especially not while the moon spends its final hours in the powerful, regenerative water sign Scorpio.

I hope if we’re stirred by emotion and especially compassion today, we act.  

(Moon square Mars in Leo 5:37 a.m. EDT. Moon void of course 5:37 a.m. to 3:47 p.m. Moon enters Sagittarius 3:47 p.m. Moon square Mercury in Virgo 7:41 p.m. Moon trine Venus in Leo 10:48 p.m.)