What's possible: Jupiter sextile Saturn

Today I’m feeling a little jealous. Maybe it’s the Scorpio moon. Maybe it’s Saturn aspecting Jupiter in Libra. But today I can see what other people are good at and it’s making me doubt myself.

I want to be good at some of those things, too. I want to feel settled and accomplished. I want to feel presentable. But I’m sprawled out in rumpled bedsheets wearing mismatched (ill-fitting) pajamas. I haven’t brushed my teeth yet. My astrology software says that Jupiter sextile Saturn means “your organizational abilities and sense of responsibility will be what guide you and prove successful.” Right on. Sure thing. Thanks. But if you wake up more on the Saturn than the Jupiter side of the bed, how do you even get going?

Face your feelings today, even if they’re ugly. They will help you find yourself.

And then trust that the day will help pull you out.

Lyndon burst in my room, bubbly and cheerful. He joined me for a second in bed and said, “Good job writing!” The leaves outside my window waved Hello.

Today can show us the bleak and the lovely – the stop, the start, and the way.

My laptop battery died so I came downstairs to charge it. I forget to keep my laptop and charger together, so often my battery dies before I finish writing. I just press Ctrl-S a lot and hope for the best. Still, someone in astrology software-writing land believes in my organizational abilities. That’s kind of marvelous and sweet. Again, thanks.

At the very least now I’ve gotten out of bed.

(Moon trine Neptune 6:15 a.m. EDT. Jupiter sextile Saturn 8:15 a.m. Moon sextile Pluto 2:08 p.m.)