Facing the stormy depths: The moon in Scorpio


This morning Venus entered Leo and the moon entered Scorpio. I started the day having a fight.

All of a sudden we might be more aware of the respect or attention we want in our relationships. At least I’m pretty sure that’s what happened with me. The Scorpio moon can bring up what’s beneath the surface that’s bothering us. We can let it stew with intensity or we can let it out and make space for regeneration and change.

I let it out this morning, but not kindly. That’s a little too much Scorpio and not enough moon; a little too much Leo and not enough Venus. Today is going to take some skill.

The sun and Mercury join in Virgo to whisper a solution: Try to remember that we’re all human if you find yourself having to hear or deliver a dose of truth.

Hashing it out can improve a situation. But if you’re too harsh or stinging today while you do it, you’ll immediately feel the backlash of criticism, either from another person or from inside yourself. And we all just want to feel good.

Center yourself today with a ritual – whether it be a prayer, a journal entry, a simple, quiet meal. Grounding and alone time can help.

And then try to go a little deeper, facing what comes up with courage and honesty. We have the choice to hide or to handle messy, complicated life today – imperfectly but trying our best.

(Moon opposite Uranus 1:39 a.m. Moon enters Scorpio 4:52 a.m. Moon square Venus 5:20 a.m. Moon sextile sun 11:47 a.m. Moon sextile Mercury 12:28. Mercury conjunct sun 4:42.)