Hope is in the Air: Saturn stations direct


Today the moon is in Libra and I have some good news. If you feel like you’ve been slogging through mud, today there’s hope in the sky.

Saturn stations direct today at 21°10’ Sagittarius after being retrograde since April 6th.

Saturn is the planet of focus, discipline, work and integrity. And Sagittarius is the sign of philosophy, freedom, meaning, and expansion. While Saturn has been in Sagittarius (from December 2014 – June 2015, and then since September 17, 2015 on) we’ve had to refine our philosophy. We’ve had to integrate actual work and discipline with expansion and hope. And these past few months really tested us. It was easier to see the work than the hope.

Think of the commitments you’ve taken on since Saturn has been in Sagittarius. Think of the work you’ve put in. What are some signs of your own growth? How has effort or struggle revealed what’s important to you? What are some specific ways your rising to a task has uplifted yourself and others? Which philosophy guides you now? Do you believe in yourself? What else would you like to achieve?

Today is a good day to write some goals that have to do with both success and inner peace.

Saturn will be in Sagittarius until December 19th. Until then, if you have a dream, continue pursuing it with structure and concrete methods and see how the big picture can help you persevere. But before you look forward, look back. And if you can, thank someone who helped you make it this far.

(Moon square Pluto 4:31 a.m. EDT. Saturn stationary direct 8:16 a.m. Moon conjunct Jupiter 11:30 a.m. Moon sextile Saturn 12:07 p.m. Moon sextile Mars 4:05 p.m.)