On love and change: Venus square Uranus

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Today the moon is in Libra. The focus is on balance, well-being, inner calm and equilibrium.

But today Venus will also square Uranus. So how do we connect with others, create beauty, and maintain balance while being absolutely original and free and shaking things up?

This is the opening square of a conjunction that began on June 3rd at 27°05 Aries and will end with the conjunction again at 27°19 Aries on March 28th of next year. That’s basically the same degree. In some ways, we’ll finish where we start. But with the Lord of Earthquakes involved… not exactly.

Where 27° Aries is in your birth chart is where you’ll be integrating these two themes for the cycle – peace, love, and connection with space, rebellion, and change. That happens to be right on my moon and in my first house.

For ten years I’ve approached life as a mother first. For the first few years of his life, anytime you’d see me you’d see Lyndon. My life revolved around meeting his needs. But lately I’ve hardly seen him. He’s stayed overnight with friends or relatives more this summer than he has in ten years. Sometimes he calls or texts. Often he doesn’t. The adults he’s with send me photos of Lyndon’s adventures while in their care: at an amusement park, on a hiking trail, in a pool. It’s surreal. He’s happy. I often feel guilty or perplexed about the arrangement. It seems so unconventional and I've had to let go of a lot of control. But it's actually working for me, too. We’re both enjoying the space.

That feels scary and rebellious to admit. With a first-house moon my identity has always been somewhat tied up with my family. But the moon symbolizes so much more than that. It’s also feelings, creativity, mystery, and regeneration. And honoring the space Lyndon and I both feel comfortable with right now is helping me access and present those as my identity, too. Can I be OK with change?

Can you?

This cycle can help us actualize more of our natal promise. To put it in context, refer to Uranus and Venus in your birth chart. For me it relates to the 7th and 10th houses. The freedom and individuality (Uranus) I allow in my relationships (7th house) will help me create art or connection (Venus) with the outside world (10th house). If I fight this change I won’t feel at peace. Thankfully, I gave birth to an Aquarius. Lyndon offers me freedom and celebrates my individuality. The question is whether I can accept it.

Is there some part of your life that hasn’t followed the usual script lately, that’s been somewhat shocking to you? Can a change in this area in any way bring you more peace and connection, in a way you’ve never imagined? Are you fighting the change? Can you partner with it?

Your change might be more exciting than unsettling. But if you’re facing an even harder change, I want to tell you I’m sorry. And I want to say that at the end of this road, however surprising, there’s peace.