When the moon is in Virgo and you're cranky


If you find yourself feeling cranky or critical today, see if you can help or slow down.

Two days ago when the moon entered Virgo I was in a packed grocery store. I pushed my cart to round the last aisle – almost out of there – but an older man was blocking the way, hunched. He was meticulously wiping coffee he had spilled. I watched him use every corner of his napkin to dab the floor and the outside of his cup. Whenever I thought he was finished he would find another spot. I hate this particular grocery store. It’s noisy and hectic. In the very first aisle I had seen a roach. I couldn’t wait to get out of there. But I knew the moon was in Virgo, so I told myself to notice the man instead.

He had tuned out everything but the job in front of him. He was patient and deliberate. He was careful. I also got the sense that he was independent. He didn’t look up for help. While I watched him I thought about aging and dignity. I wondered if he felt even more rattled in this environment than I did. Eventually, he had wiped enough that he stood up. I thought he was going to start walking. But he continued to check for more drops. That’s when I said, “Pardon me, Sir.” I got the feeling this could go on forever. That spot of floor was probably the cleanest in the whole store by now. He looked at me like he was a little annoyed to be disrupted, but allowed me enough space to pass. I thanked him and made the final dash to the checkout.

When the moon is in Virgo there’s a tricky balance. On the one hand there are opportunities to be more useful or helpful, and that can feel good. We can get better at something. We can home in and make an improvement. But on the other hand we can get mired in the details or serve a person or a task so much that we get depleted ourselves.

If something keeps you from your own agenda today, see if stopping to notice it can actually help or teach you. And then sense when it’s time to move on.

(Moon in Virgo square Saturn in Sagittarius 5:18 a.m. EDT. Moon sextile Venus in Cancer 4:02 p.m. Moon void of course 4:02 to 9:04 p.m. Moon enters Libra 9:04 p.m.)