An Honest Look: Sun and Moon in Virgo after a Leo Eclipse and New Moon


The last two New Moons and yesterday’s solar eclipse were all in the sign of Leo. Anytime themes are repeated, the message is important. This is a time to heal the Leo archetype of simply BEING. We still need to be reminded of the dignity and greatness of who we are and what we have to share. But today’s Virgo moon and sun can help us get real about it now and get to work.

This morning the moon joined retrograde Mercury, giving us a chance to review the messages we carry. We can heal or change them if they’re just critical and not useful. We can release them if they stop us from showing up.

Yesterday I suggested performing a ritual to mark the New Moon and solar eclipse. When my brother told me his ritual would focus on pride and shame, I decided I wanted mine to also. 

So last night Lang and I each made a list of the messages we experience as rooted in pride or shame. At the end I drew hearts around my messages to heal them. Then I ripped up and recycled the paper. Some of the sentences are also true. Sometimes I AM different, I deserve better, and I made a mistake. But those messages can keep me isolated or stop me from trying. And so dwelling on them is no longer helpful. I want to release those words to a new use and open myself to new messages.

It’s a little embarrassing to share my list because it’s not the most creative or ground-breaking ritual. What I wrote seems a little silly. But Virgo always asks us to get over ourselves somewhat. We’ll never know how loved we are if we don’t let ourselves be human.

Try to be a little more honest today. If you haven’t yet, perform a ritual that means something to you. And if you’re comfortable, share your feelings with someone you trust.

 (Moon conjunct Mercury 5:40 a.m. EDT. Mars in Leo trine Saturn in Sagittarius 9:21 a.m. Moon opposite Neptune 3:16 p.m. Sun enters Virgo 6:20 p.m. Moon trine Pluto 10:12 p.m.)