Relationships and Happiness Review Time: Venus square Jupiter


Today Venus makes a closing square to Jupiter. This is a releasing aspect of a cycle that began with the conjunction August 27th of last year in Virgo and will end and begin again when they join on November 13th in Scorpio.

Now there’s a feeling of tension. Money is tight. Maybe we don’t feel so secure right now. We probably feel overextended. 

When these symbols come together, relationships, inner peace, and money combine with risk, reaching, and faith.

How does the last year measure up to your ideal? Did it serve any purpose or teach you? Which relationships came into your life or grew and which changed or ended? Has the work that pays you also satisfied you? What stretched you? Did you step up in a big way for anybody? Who or what showed up to help you? Did you ask?

Take time to think of your victories in the last year. How are you further along now? How did you improve? What are you thankful for? What are you proud of?

That’s a lot of questions, but if you have time during this morning’s Gemini moon, consider some of them. The answers might help you exhale. And if you know you need to make an adjustment right now, be kind and encouraging to yourself. Life is still full of chances.

(Venus in Cancer square Jupiter in Libra 2:39 a.m. EDT. Moon sextile sun 3:13 a.m. Moon square Chiron 8:48 a.m. Moon sextile Uranus 9:37 a.m. Moon void of course 9:37 a.m. to 12:12 p.m. Moon enters Cancer 12:12 p.m.)