Don't avoid the truth: The Moon in Gemini


I was thinking yesterday that the moon’s sign might actually symbolize two things: First, a positive quality of the sign that can heal you today and help you find comfort. Second, a negative quality of that sign you might need to heal and change.

The high side of Gemini is curiosity, wonder, excitement, movement, learning, exchange. The low side is worry, endless data collection, movement or exchanges with no meaning or substance. Flattery instead of truth.

I’ve tried to get better at the high side of Gemini. I’ve tried to listen more and entertain different points of view -- to get less attached to my Sagittarian opinions. But some truths are unequivocal. In some moral arguments you have to pick a side. And I wonder if the moon, the Great Mother, right now in Gemini reminds us of that, too. Listen carefully. Choose your words. But don’t entertain what’s beneath your dignity or the dignity of another living being. Let your words and your movements reflect something higher.

The moon opposes Saturn this evening. We’re all being confronted by what we believe.

I can see that I’ve stayed a little too long in situations or conversations that compromised me because I was trying to keep an open mind. I’ve stayed a little too quiet. I’ve avoided saying the thing that is uncomfortable, usually out of compassion for the person in front of me and a desire to build a bridge. But holding back the truth has consequences. I don’t want to live a lie or tacitly embolden one. Endless flexibility is not true freedom.

Have the conversation. Try your best to listen with humility. But tell the truth. Draw a boundary or move on to something deeper when you need to.

Sometimes two sides aren’t equal.

(Moon square Mercury in Virgo 4:48 p.m. EDT. Moon square Neptune 8:34 a.m. Moon sextile Mars in Leo 3:28 p.m. Moon trine Jupiter 6:34 p.m. Moon opposite Saturn 9:40 p.m.)