Why We Might Need to Let Go: The Last Quarter Taurus Moon

Today the Taurus moon enters the last quarter phase. This phase symbolizes a time for release and catharsis. The moon enters this phase today not only with the sun but also with Mars.

Taurus doesn’t give up. Yet today we’re doubling down on release. And that paradox is why today can feel especially challenging: How does a bull change direction?

It does if it needs or wants to. If we need or want to today, we can, too.

The Taurus moon symbolizes inner peace and stability. Some paths to this peace are through endurance and fulfilling work, nature and simplicity; art and relationships; silence and beauty.

Tune into a stable, peaceful place today to see what can be released for your own healing. Anger or fear can fuel the staying put or the letting go of what no longer nurtures.

Sometimes stability isn’t actually peaceful. Sometimes relationships aren’t actually loving. Sometimes work isn’t truly fulfilling. Sometimes silence is suffocating. Somewhere inside us, we know. If the bull doesn’t, the cow or calf does.

Listen to your gut today. Let the wise animal inside you protect you and guide you toward what you really need.

(Moon sextile Neptune 5:53 a.m. EDT. Moon square Mars 10:29 a.m. Moon sextile Venus in Cancer 10:48 a.m. Moon trine Pluto 12:33 p.m. Moon square sun 9:14 p.m.)

Photo: MariaJoseph JohnBasco