When we need to hear a Different Perspective: Mercury Retrograde


Yesterday was a horrible day for our country: Racism. Hate. Violence. Murder. I was shocked, but Lang was shaken. He said, “I guess we’re staying in Queens.”

We often dream about moving somewhere prettier, more affordable, more spacious and quiet. The grind here gets tough. But then a white nationalist plows his car into a group of protesters and Lang just wants to keep us safe. In Queens it’s OK that our family is mixed. This slips my mind most days. It’s normal. But outside Queens Lang has had the N word whispered in his ear. He’s had his color hatefully pointed out to him. And so when we consider other places to live, I prioritize our happiness, but Lang prioritizes our safety. I look up school performance; Lang looks up Neo-Nazi presence. It’s a real and looming threat to him. He’s a history buff and a realist. He sees where the odds could be against us.

Mercury went retrograde yesterday at 11°38’ Virgo. It will be retrograde until September 5th, when at 28°25’ Leo it makes a supportive trine to Uranus.

What does this mean? Maybe nothing. Maybe car trouble or a misunderstanding. Or maybe a chance to see something from a different perspective and change.

Mercury rules what we notice, learn and communicate to others. When Mercury’s retrograde, some of these connections seem to break down. They’re not as automatic. They seem somehow off. They can even seem to be moving backwards. Can we adapt or change direction, too?

Mercury is the Witness and Messenger. Virgo is the humble servant or skilled craftsperson; it helps and improves. Leo is the dignified royalty or joyful performer; it bestows and creates. Uranus is the Awakener and the group.

How can it help to revisit these archetypes? How can they clarify your mind and voice? What are you meant to relay?

Our family is not different from many families. But Lang is different from me. And yesterday I heard his perspective about Charlottesville -- how hard life can feel in his shoes. I listened more than I talked. And for a day instead of wanting to leave Queens, I was just happy my husband feels safe here.

We walked hand-in-hand to buy falafel from a shawarma shop and a scratch-off from a bodega. We didn’t win. We’re keeping our day jobs. The falafel was delicious.

You may be right where you need to be, or maybe you can be or do more. Keep looking and listening.