Go Easy, Tough Guy: The Moon in Aries

Today the moon is in Aries – the first sign, ruled by the Roman god of war, Mars.

So many headlines reflect Mars lately: War, lawsuits, aggression, accidents, sex, violence, death. We’re attuned to Mars energy today. We’re hyper-reactive to it. And with the sun conjunct Mars in Leo, showy aggression can easily become an ego-trap for us.

But what if we’re really mad???

I get it. I have an Aries moon and the sun conjunct Mars in my birth chart. My natural instinct or mood for most of my life has been MAD. Primed for attack. Ready. Who or what am I gonna have to fight today? Above is a photo from my childhood. There's my joyful, open family. I'm on the left, giving a karate chop.

This instinct can go horribly wrong. It’s exhausting. It damages. When Mars and the sun are triggered, it’s easy to forget the soft, caregiving possibility of the moon.

The moon symbolizes comfort, love, imagination, creativity, mystery. The moon is intuitive, reflective, and emotional. But the moon is also deeply protective and personal. So some of what we take in, reflect and feel comes from what we think we see rather than what actually is.

Today try to make space for mystery. Try to set time for reflection. The Aries moon will fire up the sun and Mars. Our feelings will guide what we embody and what we do. Healthy boundaries are called for, and so is action. If you've been scared or hiding, try to take a brave step today. But if you're mad, be mindful. We can easily justify harmful action based on our feelings. We can let Mars egg on the sun like a follower eggs on a bully.  

Honor the courage of the Aries moon today, but also honor the cool, natural dignity of the Leo sun and Mars. If you can avoid misfires or actions that don’t also reflect the kindness of your highest nature, I promise you’ll feel better. My whole life I’ll be trying to get this right. Today and tomorrow we’ll be in it together. Namaste.