Looking and knowing: The Pisces Moon Square Saturn in Sagittarius


This morning I saw a man glide his car through a seamless merge and a teenaged boy stoop to kiss his mother goodbye. Both impressed me. I wanted to give both each a thumbs up. But they didn’t see me. I wasn't actually a part of their day.  

Or was I? Did it matter at all that I noticed them? 

Today the Pisces moon squared Saturn before going void of course. We could experience this energy as a limitation or frustration. But it can also be an invitation to slow down and look. Something about that driver's cool competence was exciting. Something in that boy's tender respect filled me with warmth and hope. 

Later, I realized I had come to work with my dress on backwards. I cringed a little and laughed a little and went to fix my dress. And I cut the next person I spoke to a little more slack than I usually would have. It helped.

What will we see today? What will we notice? What can we learn if we're open to being inspired and yet open to being human? Our imagination, humor, or kindness can elevate a moment today. The world around us can touch, excite or improve us if we're not so attached to who we think we are or what we think we believe.  

The looking can help us know.

(Neptune in Pisces quincunx Mars in Leo 9:30 a.m. Moon square Saturn in Sagittarius 9:37 a.m. Moon void of course 9:37 a.m. until 1:21 a.m. tomorrow. Sun sextile Jupiter in Libra 5:24 p.m.)