Arrows and Patterns: The Sagittarius Moon

At 8:01 a.m. the moon will change signs to Sagittarius.

Today try to find some meaning in where you are right now. What’s led to this moment? Can you see your blessings? Do you see your growth? Can you feel hope?

When you place today in the context of the bigger picture, can you feel gratitude toward people who’ve helped you get here? Can you feel the fullness of your cup?

Or do you need more?

The answers are different for all of us, but the Sagittarius questions will help us figure out whether we need more reaching and risk or more understanding and a moment to cheer ourselves on.

Shoot the arrow, redirect it, or marvel at its path and place.

(Moon void of course in Scorpio until 8:01 a.m. EDT. Moon enters Sagittarius 8:01 a.m. Moon square Mercury in Virgo 9:59 p.