Too much ego or not enough? The Full Moon and Course Correction

Sunset in Canyon Lake, Texas.

Sunset in Canyon Lake, Texas.

In the first few hours after the full moon I’m thinking about ego.

How do we stay strong enough to exist in this world and make a difference as unique individuals yet fluid and receptive enough to absorb the energy, power and essence of those around us, too? Sometimes others will reflect our own light, but sometimes it’s just not about us. Sometimes we just have to stand back and see someone else shine. Can we be kind, gracious, and mature?

The opposition of the sun and moon gives us a chance to ego-correct if we’ve become a little overbearing. When we stand outside ourselves we can be deeply awed and empowered by what’s greater than we are. If we have the reverse challenge – giving so much to others that we fail to see, nurture, or express ourselves – we can try to acknowledge and start to change that dynamic, too. Sometimes we’re too scared or cynical to step into our own power. We stay in the background not out of grace and generosity but out of a different motivation, and others miss out on receiving what we can give.

Jupiter in Libra is squaring the sun and moon, inviting us to a better balance. It doesn’t have to be a tug-of-war or a limited-strokes economy. We can all be of value and get our needs met. But it is slightly complicated and nuanced work. How do we get it right?

I guess we just try, and we ask for help – others, the universe, the divine. It’ll take a willingness to step away from our ego but into our essence, away from our unique madness and into our goodness. With Pluto in the mix we can see deeply if we want to, and we can let go of the habits that don’t serve our best selves or the integrity of our hearts.

(Capricorn moon opposite Cancer sun at 12:06 a.m. EDT. Moon conjunct Pluto 2:05 a.m. Moon opposite Mars in Cancer 11:40 a.m. Moon square Uranus 10:12 p.m.)