What Lies Inside: Mercury in Leo

Yesterday Mercury entered the sign of Leo.

This brings some questions to the forefront: Which images that we've constructed fit a show or serve an audience but hide our vulnerability? Have we gotten stuck in some way because of pride? Are we communicating from our ego or from our essence?

Charles Bukowski was born with Mercury in Leo. You can see this struggle in “Bluebird”. Maybe ours isn’t quite as stark, but until July 25th we’re all faced with this challenge. You can’t show everyone every side of you. But can you show a little more than you have been? Can you expand your circle if the people you’ve been with haven’t been seeing or can't accept a crucial part of you?

Leo energy withers in hiding. Try to notice that creative or childlike spark in you, and find nourishing ways to express it. It will feed your dignity. And if you see others trying to express theirs, please be gentle and kind. This is a little scary for all of us. 

(Moon in Sagittarius today. Moon square Neptune in Pisces 5:46 a.m. EDT. Moon sextile Jupiter in Libra 5:58 a.m. Moon conjunct Saturn 11:33 a.m.)