Mystery and Magic: The Scorpio Moon

If life feels heavy today, leave room for the unexpected.

Steve Martin’s natal chart looks a bit like today’s chart: Sun in Leo, moon in Scorpio, Mercury in Virgo, Venus in Cancer. I looked for a picture of him to go along with his quote, wondering whether I should go with the serious or silly Steve Martin, but then I saw that he loves this vintage photo of a little girl in Disneyland.

As Venus moves out of Gemini and into Cancer, we may find ourselves less chatty and more withdrawn -- maybe more annoyed or snippy. Let yourself go dark for a bit. Pay some attention to the vast inside: Imagination, mystery, memories, magic. What really feeds you? What do you love? What do you need for safety and comfort?

Compassion can help you connect today. Wry humor can help you feel better. But at some point, balance all that you see and feel as an adult with some of the eager curiosity of the child. Carve out time to play.

(Moon sextile Pluto in Capricorn 7:10 a.m. EDT. Moon void of course 7:10 a.m. until 8:01 a.m. tomorrow. Venus enters Cancer 10:53 a.m.)