Breaking Out: The First Quarter Moon

Today the Scorpio moon entered the 1st Quarter phase, the phase associated with the first day of Spring. That sounds so lovely and peaceful, but astrologically the vernal equinox is the beginning of Aries. And so in the first quarter phase, we face a battle or test. This is an invitation to act.

“Invitation” may not the right word, since it evokes manners and gentility. In the tension of the moon/sun square, we are actually being pushed. Something in the status quo is uncomfortable for us. We need to make a change.

And yet, as with all things, we can let this moment pass. We can take what comes our way rather than try to actively co-create it. That’s why I call this an invitation. So much of it is up to us.

Scorpio brings a psychological orientation to our mood: an ability to see the underside of drama and protect ourselves from what could overpower us. It also brings the gift of passion and regeneration. But we have to be willing to face the truth and also not stay where we are once we get the insight. The Leo sun symbolizes joy, pleasure, play, self-expression, creation, majesty. Ultimately the tension we might feel is pushing us toward what is good for us, even if it feels hard. A change can bring us to life.

See what stirs in you over the next 4 days. While the moon is in Scorpio let your emotions and intuition inform you. If you already know an action you can take, go for it. If you need a bit more time, Tuesday’s Sagittarius moon will be naturally suited for movement and risk.

In the meantime, tune in. See what part of you may be asking to break out.

(Moon square Mars in Leo 9:02 a.m. EDT. Moon square sun 11:23 a.m. Moon trine Neptune in Sagittarius 11:29 p.m.)