Reaching in and then out: The Moon in Libra

Last night the US Senate played out the sun/Mars conjunction in Leo for all of us. There was anger. There was drama. There was a late-night call from the President. In the center of it all was John McCain, his legacy and Maverick nickname challenged. In the end he broke with his party to vote against the bill. The Obamacare repeal failed.

How have these past few days been for you? Have you been stirred to step up or express yourself? Have you had to take on the role of fighter or protector in some way? What has this fire sparked in you? We can be a little frayed right now – either by sadness, or fear, or fight. 

Stress is in the air. The Libra moon can just feed this frenzy. We’re attuned to what’s fair, right, or just. We’re attuned to what the other is doing around us. We can be tempted to project.

Try to seek peace. Not as an escape or as a compromise, but as a partner to help you walk with dignity and shine. You can help others today. You can bless them. And you can also hold your own if you need to have a fair fight. Aim for humility and purity in your words and interactions today rather than rightness or perfection. Listen as much as you talk.

No matter what you walk through today, seek inner balance first. Then, when you’re ready, connect.

(Moon conjunct Jupiter 6:34 p.m. EDT. Moon square Pluto in Capricorn 8:37 p.m.)