Start with Peace: The Moon entering Libra


In the last hours of the Virgo moon today, do some work or tend to details that you might otherwise dread. Try not to be attached to the outcome. See what happens if you just let yourself be an instrument or tool. Doing work without ego today can fuel your imagination and bring you insight or healing.

When the moon changes sign to Libra at 11:36 a.m. EDT, we will be more attuned to what’s outside ourselves. Libra is associated with the partner. Partners can also be qualities and intentions from within, though – like curiosity, hope, and enthusiasm. Be especially intentional with those partners. Fill yourself with messages that encourage or inspire you, so that you won’t bring unrealistic expectations to others. You’ll have enough. You’ll be content. Your balance can rub off on others.

Tonight the moon forms an energizing aspect with Mars and the sun. Do something that feels fun or generous. If you find yourself caught up in some drama, act from the very highest and best of who you are. Let your words and actions flow from a place of inner peace, where there’s dignity, stability and wisdom.

 (Virgo moon void of course 2:30 a.m. to 11:36 a.m. EDT. Venus in Gemini trine South node in Aquarius and sextile North Node in Leo 7:30 a.m. Moon enters Libra 11:36 a.m. Moon sextile Mars in Leo 8:31 p.m. Moon sextile sun 9:08 p.m.)