Not Putting Up With That Today: The Moon in Virgo

Today we may find ourselves measuring up to some ideal. We have to decide whether it’s OUR ideal. What’s worth our time and attention? Which critical voices are helpful in the long run and which are too stifling?

One of the first article titles that caught my eye this morning was, “What Makes a Woman ‘Wifey’ Material, According to Men”. Oh boy. Really, MSN? In 2017? Moving on to The NY Times, to enjoy my morning coffee without a dose of sexism and female infantilization.

Apparently, those are two of my buttons today. What annoys you may be different.  

Draw your boundaries today. The sun will join Mars tonight for the first time since June 2015. At that time, in the sign of Gemini, we were being asked to claim more courage in our perceptions and voice. Today, in Leo, the courage we have to assert has to do with our own dignity.

Turn your attention to what reinforces your worth and dignity today. Allow in only what inspires your imagination and fills you with the possibility of success and expansion. We can be humble and still know that we are filled with divine light and presence. Today let your actions reflect the sea of possibility inside you.

You are precious. You are powerful. Move in the direction of joy.

(Moon opposite Neptune in Pisces 6:36 a.m. EDT. Moon trine Pluto in Capricorn 1:27 p.m. Moon square Saturn in Sagittarius 8:50 p.m. Sun conjunct Mars 8:56 p.m.)