When we can see those shortcomings: Mercury in Virgo

Mercury has been in Leo since July 5th. In that time have you noticed a way you’d like to shine more or a gift you’d like to reveal more? How did it go when you tried? Is there room for improvement? Or is it time to show more of it to others now as a teacher?

Today both the moon and Mercury enter the earth sign of Virgo, where Mercury will be until August 31st. (From August 12th to September 5th, Mercury will be retrograde.) Virgo is a driving, humbling energy. While Mercury is in Virgo we’ll be attuned to discontent: able to see how we and others fall short of the mark. Please keep trying. Keep improving. Ask for help. Our own thoughts and the information we take in will have the power to keep us in a critical loop or push us toward improvement and a craft or skill that is truly helpful. A mindset of humility can help us find the role models or form the intentions or prayers as we do the Leo New Moon yoga of trusting, expressing, and shining.

Let the details you notice inform you. Some days we’ll be happily driven to do the work, get better, leave a mark. But some days we might just see our shortcomings. How do we feel about being human, surrounded by other humans? Can we love ourselves and others anyway?

Mercury in Virgo can make us aware of our own usefulness, which can ultimately fuel our self-confidence and joy. Balance the call to serve and do in the next month with forgiveness and self-compassion. And keep those self-messages loving as you hone the gifts that are uniquely, wonderfully yours to give.

(Moon conjunct Mercury in Leo 5:21 a.m. EDT. Moon void of course 5:21 a.m. until 6:32 a.m. Moon enters Virgo 6:32 a.m. Mercury enters Virgo 7:40 p.m.)