Baby, You're a Firework: The Moon in Leo

The moon is in Leo today, and six planets are in fire signs. That’s a lot of fire.

Fire is the energy of action, vitality, life force. But fire has that one teeny danger: It burns. So as you’re going through the day, be open to inspiration and creative action, but also know that we could come on too harshly or burn ourselves out. Leave room for compassion, curiosity, patience. Plan some breaks in your day. Luxuriate a bit. Enjoy.

But do honor that fire. Create or express yourself. Take that risk. Tomorrow the moon and Mercury will enter Virgo, and we’ll get a get a chance to hone our skills. But today what we say and do doesn’t have to be perfect – just authentic. See how it feels to let yourself and others shine.

(Moon sextile Jupiter in Libra 6:58 a.m. EDT. Venus in Gemini opposite Saturn in Sagittarius 10:53 a.m. Mercury in Leo trine Uranus in Aries 12:32 p.m. Moon trine Saturn 4:53 p.m. Moon sextile Venus 5:25 p.m.)