Comfort in what's silly: The Sun Enters Leo with the Moon in Cancer

I read the day’s headlines. So much suffering, fighting and death. I scan the articles and feel sadness and conflict. And then I see that the Swedes have named a train Trainy McTrainface. Thank you, Sweden.

Look for your own Sweden today, or a chance to be Sweden for someone else. With the moon opposite Pluto today there are truths we need to face and changes we need to make to empower ourselves and others. But they can also overwhelm us. If we’ve opened our hearts during this last sun in Cancer month, we could be feeling a bit raw. We could really use a break or a smile.

If you have been doing this loving, healing inner work I want to thank you.  It’s hard, but it matters. It helps. It’s powerful. The sun will enter Leo in a few hours, symbolizing the outward expression of what we truly are. Realistically, some of the headlines could get worse. We’ll need all the humor and self-confidence we can muster to keep some faith and hope.  

Leo is the king or the queen, and Leo is also the child. Try to keep space for wonder and trust as you balance the dignified and good with the silly and fun. That’s healing work, too.

I present you with Trainy McTrainface.

(Moon square Jupiter in Libra 5:33 a.m. EDT. Moon opposite Pluto 8:49 a.m. Sun enters Leo 11:15 a.m.)