When It's All Just Too Much For Me: The Balsamic Moon in Cancer

Today and tomorrow mark the last two days of the moon cycle before the New Moon in Leo on Sunday.

The balsamic moon or waning crescent moon in Cancer symbolizes pure emotion and as Steven Forrest writes, “deep psychic sensitivity.” Go easy in this energy. What comes to the surface might unsettle you. It might not make sense. It could overwhelm.

The love we’ve been yearning for has a chance to reach us from the spirit realm now – whether you imagine God, loved ones who have passed, or caring others. But we can also be overwhelmed by our pain and the pain we sense all around us. It can just be too much.

Take some time to go within yourself today. Allow any tears or emotion that comes to you or someone around you. But try your best to stay open and curious somehow. Try to step away from anything in your ego or “I” mindset that keeps you from feeling safe and comforted. We really don’t know what’s to come. And there’s always more love and hope than we can ever see right now.