When a Day Wants to Be Our Friend: The Moon in Taurus

I usually write about the tense aspects of the day. I think it’s the coach in me. I want to make sure we’re ready to face the challenge. I want to help you see why you may want to.

But today there are so many trines! As Donna Cunningham wrote for the current Mountain Astrologer, “Trines are fortunate aspects, conveying blessings, benefits, and good luck to those who have them.” Is today an automatic win?

Today is an invitation. If we’re tired from so much effort, today we can recover. Today is a hug.

The challenge today is to our mindset. Can we take a break from our hard work to have some fun? Can we share a little more of ourselves from a place of peace?

Today we have a chance to start or do something to support our own healing and connection to all that is loving and good. We have a chance to embrace some hope or help from others. But we also have a choice.

Try to feel the calm of the Taurus moon today. And if in your gut you feel an opportunity, you can watch it play out or help it. Either way, try to savor and enjoy.

(Moon trine Pluto in Capricorn 7:30 a.m. EDT. Mars in Cancer trine Chiron in Pisces 9:22 a.m. Moon square Mercury in Leo 12:00 p.m. Moon trine Jupiter in Libra 4:08 p.m. Moon sextile sun 9:55 p.m.)