To Fight or Not to Fight? And How and Why? The Aries Moon Today

Malcolm X had an Aries Moon, with Pluto and Mars in Cancer.

Malcolm X had an Aries Moon, with Pluto and Mars in Cancer.

So today there’s some tension in the sky. Hmmm. Will we experience that as drama or fights or can we hold two truths at once, even if at first they seem to contradict each other?

After the moon squared Pluto this morning I had a dream my godchildren were getting the death penalty for a crime they didn’t commit. I was desperate to save them. I just kept asking their mother, “But what can we DO??!!”

That Protective Warrior in me was trying to find some control. There was a faceless authority I couldn’t get around. It was out of my hands. But was it? I scrambled to find their report cards, contact their principal, call the News. They were kids; they were innocent. I woke before the dream ended. But the terror I felt made me see how much I love them and how much I worry about a tough situation they’re facing in real life. Maybe there are some practical ways I can help them. Even in the nightmare I had some power. There was something I could do.

When the moon squares Pluto we might face some aspect of a nightmare. Will we be defined or overcome by it, or can we face it to see the deeper truth and a change that needs to happen?

Later the moon will also square the sun and Mars and conjunct Uranus. That’s some heavy symbolism of ego, aggression and shock. If we’re not centered we could really be thrown off balance.

Can we believe in our own strength today even when we’re challenged? Can we have the calm fight if we need to? The Aries moon reminds us of healthy boundaries. But the Cancer sun roots everything in love and vulnerability. If we remember that everyone we face today is vulnerable, too, and worthy of love on some level, we can be calm as we do what we need to do. There are fights we need to have, but there are also fights we can walk away from.

If you ground yourself in hope and love today, you’ll be able to tell the difference.

(Moon trine Mercury in Leo 2:37 a.m. EDT. Moon square Pluto in Capricorn 4:05 a.m. Moon trine Saturn in Sagittarius 11:50 a.m. Moon square Cancer sun 3:25 p.m. Moon square Mars in Cancer 9:11 p.m. Moon conjunct Uranus 10:18 p.m. Moon void of course 10:18 p.m. until 1:04 a.m. tomorrow.)