How Deep is Your Love? The Moon in Pisces

Today the moon is in Pisces. One of the ways of looking at the planets is to imagine that the signs that they pass through represent a need we all have at any given moment. If a baby is born at that moment, those energies will fuel that baby’s whole life. But for the rest of us, the planets in the sky at this moment represent a momentary need. It’s a way of tuning into what can help us find peace right now, and what can help us act right now. If you can integrate this moment into the symbolism of your own birthchart, that’s the most helpful. But even if you’re not familiar with your birthchart, I still like to help you get through today.

When the moon is in Pisces, our heart needs some time at the ocean. We need to feel oneness with something infinite and all-encompassing. We need to be inspired. Why would we need to return to that vast ocean right now? Either we’ve forgotten it’s there at all or we haven’t gone as deeply as we can go.

And also, we live on earth with people.

Do our relationships feed or undermine our peace? Is anything out of balance? With the moon’s square to Venus this morning, considering some of these details will help us. Who or what is a good partner for us? Do we need to find more common ground or do we need to release with compassion?

We all have habits that undermine our own peace, but today is an invitation to step away from them. If watching the News usually infuriates you, and watching with love and compassion seems like too tall an order, today might be a good day to skip the News. Listen to your favorite song. Read a beautiful poem. Pray. Nap. Spend time with someone you really adore. If you feel inclined, make or update a dream board.

We’re all a little frayed right now. We can all use some inspiration. Try to nurture the hopeful, peaceful, limitless space inside you. And if you find yourself on earth with people today, try to see that in them, too.

(Moon square Venus in Gemini 5:27 a.m. EDT. Moon conjunct Neptune 2:26 p.m. Moon sextile Pluto 9:50 p.m.)