When a Rebel Makes a Pros and Cons List: The Aquarius Moon

Last year Lyndon's teacher was going to miss school for a few days, and he was upset because he really did not like the substitute. She was mean. She obviously favored the girls. I tried to figure out whether I was dealing with was some inflexibility on Lyndon’s part or an actual horrible, no-good sub.

I told Lyndon my sub story from 4th grade. My beloved teacher had a car accident and had to miss the last months of school. I was NOT happy about the change. Every day I was mean to the sub. I tried to turn my friends against the sub. When the sub brought her daughter to school one day I was even mean to the daughter. There was nothing wrong with this woman except that she wasn’t my teacher. Now that I’m an adult I can reframe her awkwardness as trying, and that’s the part that breaks my heart. I told Lyndon I still regretted the way I treated her for those months. I didn’t want him one day to feel the shame and regret of having not given someone a chance.

So we strategized. I suggested he keep a Pros and Cons list throughout the day so he could try to stay objective and open. He agreed.

This was the note he came back with. In the scribbles I can see the struggle between keeping an open mind and having all the emotions that come up when you’re nine years old. It’s hard to be a kid with no real power. It’s hard to feel no control over a situation. As his Mom I wasn’t crazy about some of what I saw in the Bad column – let the kids have a sip of water, Lady – but I didn’t feel compelled to step in and report the sub. Part of life is learning to navigate difficult people and situations, and I thought he could make it through the next day. Lyndon promised me he didn't roll his eyes at her or try to turn his friends against her, and I considered that a win. He had done better than I had.

The moon is in Aquarius again today. We may feel some of this rebellious energy. We may just not be in the mood to put up with someone or something. All we can do is try to stay objective and with Jupiter and Saturn in the mix, patient and generous. Sometimes we really do need to fight, but sometimes we don’t. Be true to yourself, but try your best to discern. Aquarius the humanitarian can see that we're all equal and worthy of dignity. If we can take the higher road now, it might save us from pain and regret later.

(Moon trine Jupiter in Libra 6:19 a.m. EDT. Moon sextile Saturn 9:46 p.m.)