The Aquarius Moon: Can you be Original and responsible?

The moon is in Aquarius today. But how do we embrace our inner rebel on a Monday? Should we all just call in sick?

Because I’m a Mom raising an Aquarius child, I’ve had to think outside the box when giving Mom Lectures to Lyndon. I can’t just use “Because I said so.” I try to give information. I try to respect his autonomy. But I still need to lead him somehow. He’s 10. So it can get pretty weird in our house. One lecture I heard myself giving a few months ago even sounded ridiculous to me as I was saying it: “Lyndon, I’ve noticed you’ve been letting a lot slip lately, and I think it’s time I told you about the double rulership of your sun.” WHAT?! Did I really go there?

I did. I told him that Uranus rules Aquarius, and I thought he was doing an excellent job of doing the things that Uranus symbolizes: Being original, unique, independent, free. But I told him that Saturn also rules Aquarius. I told him I thought he could do better in the Saturn area: Being responsible, mature, facing what he doesn’t necessarily want to but knows he needs to, building a routine that helps him succeed. I pointed out the Aquarians in our family – his grandma and two uncles – and asked him whether he agreed that they were good at doing both: They are completely and uniquely themselves in the world, but they still add some structure into their lives, do hard things, and leave a mark on the world. He agreed that they were good at doing both.

Then it was quiet. I waited. I knew this was my wackiest Mom Lecture yet. I thought Lyndon would laugh in my face as he realized how bizarre our conversation was. But he was quiet and thoughtful. Then he said, “I have an idea. Maybe every night when we’re doing Grateful, Kind and Brave, we can also say how we were original and how we were responsible.” I loved the idea. Lang was less enthusiastic – “We have to list 5 things now??” – but he has gotten onboard now, too. One of the greatest gifts of our new routine is getting to hear how truly original our son is every day and striving to be more original ourselves.

So by all means today, be original. Strive for autonomy. But don’t beat yourself up too much if you have to do some Saturn work today, too. These energies can reinforce each other. We can do what’s hard if we’ve decided it’s important to us. That's the key: The structure has to come from within or it will squash our independence and our brilliance. 

With that in mind, today especially don’t just take my word for it. See what you think for yourself.

(Sun opposite Pluto 12:35 a.m. EDT. Moon enters Aquarius 1:35 a.m. Moon trine Venus in Gemini 2:02 a.m. Moon opposite Mercury in Leo 6:37 p.m.)