Libra Moon square Mars and Pluto

It might take some perspective to get through today.

On the one hand we’ll want to take it easy, get along with people, laugh, but on the other hand, the sky shows the symbolism of tension. With the Libra moon squaring Mars and Pluto, this afternoon is also truth time. Can we stay balanced even when we see what makes us uncomfortable or when we’re faced with anger or issues of control?

Also, can we be brave enough to say or do the thing that will rock the boat but bring us inner peace?

See beyond the drama. Remember to breathe and try to incorporate your highest self into the way you act today -- not just dwelling on what's right and wrong but on what helps you feel connected to others and optimistic. While you consider what to do or whether to fight, think of the belief system that gives you hope and meaning. Remember to see the other person, even if emotion overwhelms. We’re all flawed and trying our best. There’s a chance to empower ourselves and others if we can come from a mindset of partnership and equality.

Keep looking for peace today, even if you have to do it while being brave or honest. Try to stay open. Try to keep your head in the game. It’s a lot to balance, but we can, and we'll feel happier if we do.

(Moon conjunct Jupiter 5:31 a.m. Moon square Mars in Cancer 1:03 p.m. Moon square Pluto in Capricorn 2:05 p.m. Moon square Mercury 10:15 p.m. Moon sextile Saturn 11:47 p.m.)