Virgo Moon

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The moon is in the sign of Virgo today, an earth sign ruled by Mercury. Mercury also rules Gemini, and that connection is easy to see: both air signs, both connected with communication, perception, speech, curiosity, message. But how do we reconcile Virgo and Mercury?

Virgo is the practical face of Mercury: Craft, service. Something that we DO informs us and brings a message to others. Virgo drives us toward improvement, sometimes harshly. It can always see what’s missing and imperfect. Can we live in both that humble space and in the world? Can we help?

Mother Teresa, a Virgo, said “We can do no great things; only small things with great love.” Of course, Mother Teresa did great things. She became a teacher to all of us. But that wasn’t her motivation. She just wanted to love and serve.

Try to dwell in the simple act today. See what you learn in the process of doing. And see if you can be grateful for the actions of others, however small or imperfect. In the details and in the doing, try to find comfort and love.

P.S. Here's Lyndon waiting for the bus on the last day of 4th grade. We laughed while in today's Virgo mindset I tried to find a better background than the hookah sign or the liquor store and Burger King. But hey, today's energy is about keeping it real. This is Queens, and this is life right now. 

(Virgo moon sextile Cancer sun 9:03 a.m. EDT. Mercury and Mars conjunct in Cancer 3:50 p.m. Moon opposite Neptune 9:57 p.m.)