Cancer Moon Feelings

I’m missing my guys this morning. I’m in Durham, learning more about the moon from Steven Forrest, surrounded by friends and other passionate astrologers I have yet to meet. I’m grateful to Steven for making yet another long trip to teach us. I love the class, I love exploring this city. Last night at the end of a Bulls baseball game I saw the longest, best-timed fireworks show I’d ever seen. Whenever it seemed like the end, more fireworks would show up for an extended encore.... The girl behind us screamed “This is the Best! Night! Ever!” I was so content to share that moment with a friend just minutes before the New Moon. But when I woke up in my hotel room this morning, I just missed my family.

I miss coffee in bed with Langston and a morning hug from Lyndon, all movement, excitement, and bones.

Take some time to think about who and what you love today. What comforts you? If you can’t have those things or be with those people right now, hold them in your heart and try to feel the peace and stability of deep, committed bonds. If you can, at some point today reach out to someone you care about. And go gently in this sensitive energy. Under this Cancer moon we’re all feeling so much, and it can seem overwhelming.

Let the tears come if they need to. But try your best to be kind, even if you have to do or say something hard. Look for love and comfort right where you are now, starting inside yourself.

(Moon conjunct Mercury 4:12 a.m. EDT. Venus in Taurus Trine Pluto in Capricorn 4:59 a.m. Moon conjunct Mars 3:09 p.m. Moon square Jupiter in Libra 3:35 p.m. Moon trine Neptune in Pisces 4:41 p.m.)