Cancer Moon and Peace in Paradox

Today the moon will be in Cancer until the afternoon, when it will change to the sign of Leo.

I go back home tonight, after five days in North Carolina.

Yesterday in class Steven Forrest was discussing how we handle paradoxes in birth charts: energies that at first glance aren’t compatible and take some effort to integrate, like squares or oppositions. They take effort. They can feel hard. But in the end they can build subtlety and maturity better than some of the easier, sleepier aspects.

The same can happen when the agenda of the sign or house that the transiting moon is traveling through conflicts with our outer circumstances. Cancer energy sits mostly in my 4th House of home, family, the unconscious: symbolic midnight. The last time the moon traveled through Cancer I was with my family staying in a beautiful home in the Catskills. Sometimes it was hard to get the emotional downtime and solitude that I needed, but being with the people I love most felt like a warm Cancer hug. It worked easily.

This time I’m away from home but learning about the moon. The material fits the sign and the house, but it’s been a harder integration. I’m in a hotel room and not a home. There’s a tiny fridge I keep forgetting to stock. My family is far away. My classmates have been so warm and kind. What I’m learning helps me understand myself and see my past experiences through a more compassionate lens. It will make me a better counselor. But right now I just want to hold my husband’s hand.

I’m reminded of the AA slogan “Feelings aren’t facts, but the fact is I’m feeling.”

The two square aspects today take some effort to integrate. Your circumstances may feel difficult, too. Try to center yourself in love and safety, but also look for a chance to stretch and grow. Try to find peace in paradox.

(Moon sextile Venus in Taurus 12:56 a.m. EDT, Mars in Cancer square Jupiter in Libra 2:07 a.m. Moon square Uranus in Aries 2:44 p.m. Moon void of course 2:44 p.m. to 6:06 p.m. Moon enters Leo 6:06 p.m.)