Before the Next Moon Cycle

Today and tomorrow are the ending to last month’s Gemini New Moon before tomorrow's New Moon in Cancer at 10:30 p.m. EDT. The moon is in the sign of Gemini, symbolizing curiosity, amazement, movement, speed, siblings, early childhood education, communication. It’s in the balsamic phase, symbolizing endings, release, psychic or spiritual sensitivity, poignancy, older age, a bridge between phases.

How does that symbolism apply to your life?

Last night during my flight to Durham... I saw that we were actually over a rainbow. I felt complete peace and gratitude for a moment. I quietly hummed the song -- Eva Cassidy’s version: all longing and prayer. I was finally on the other side. At another point I could see the reflection of our plane in a cloud. It was one of those trippy self/not self zen moments. And finally, during the cab ride to the hotel, my siblings came to my mind. I realized how much all four of them have shaped me. I think in my mind I was never really the youngest. I was sure I should be the boss of the group. But last night I could see all four of them as my elders, and I was just so touched by the love and respect they’ve given me throughout the years, even when it was hard to take in an angry, cranky firestorm. I thought maybe I’d like to try just being the youngest – to stop fighting the natural order of things. It might not stick. As a person I’m pretty bossy. But maybe I can build a bridge between the two ways of being, both with my siblings and overall.

During the next two days, see what comes to you through your senses and intuition or through movement. Try not to judge it if it’s trippy or sentimental, but let the emotion come so that you can release it when you’re ready. This energy can feel heavy, so take time to rest and replenish. If you sit with it, it can also bring you peace.