The Summer Solstice and Self Love

Here Comes the Sun (2).png

Happy Summer Solstice to those in the northern hemisphere!

The sun is the big player today, giving us the longest period of daylight of the year as it reaches its highest altitude.

If we think of the sun as symbolizing identity, selfhood, and vitality today, that gives us a lot to chew on. In what sign and house are your natal sun? Do you like your sign? What does it mean to you? What aspects does it make to other planets, linking those energies with who you are? Which of those energies feel easy in your skin and which feel hard?

Try to give yourself some loving self-talk today. Try to see yourself as a higher, loving, divine power sees you. And try to see the people you interact with in a loving way, too. With the sun and Mercury now in Cancer we all have heightened sensitivity but also a great capacity for compassion and just plain love.

The other day my coworker, who has a Cancer sun, asked to address the faculty and staff before his retirement. He’s a real fatherly type, so I expected him to compliment and encourage all of us, which he did. But he said that the real reason he has been able to keep a smile on his face throughout 43 years of teaching is that he loves himself. That wasn’t the reason we expected to hear. But it was honest and simple and beautifully bold. He said, “I love Joe Licata.” We say we love people all the time, even people we hardly know. Throughout the day I’ll say I love everyone from NPR reporters to the crotchety crossing guard who finally warmed to me after five years. But I've taken the time to say I love Amy Alexandro Jones. The first time I typed that I shortened it to Amy Jones. But if Sarah Jessica Parker can go for the gusto, so can I.

There’s only one you, and today is a great day to think about the impact you make. If you’re not at your shiniest best and a change comes to your mind that could make you more vital, great. If you’re not there because of life circumstances, I’m truly sorry. There’s a reason for you, and I hope you today you can see it.

(Sun in Cancer 12:24 a.m. EDT, Moon in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn 12:25 a.m. Moon void of course 12:25 a.m. to 6:44 p.m., Mercury enters Cancer 5:57 a.m., Mercury conjunct sun 10:14 a.m., Moon enters Gemini 6:44 p.m.)