Void of Course Taurus Moon

Happy Birthday to my brother Rich!

Today the moon is in Taurus. You can best nurture yourself and others with simplicity, touch, and tenderness. The moon sextiles Neptune (at 7:12 a.m. EDT) and trines Pluto (at 3:08 p.m.) before it goes void of course until tomorrow at 8:15 a.m.

During void periods the moon doesn’t aspect any more planets before it changes signs, and traditionally void periods were not considered ideal for starting a project because either nothing would come of it or the result would not be what you expected. Well, I was born under a void moon! So I get defensive and rebellious around that interpretation.  I certainly hope that something will come of me…. Also, while the moon may not make any more aspects that day for everyone, it will continue to aspect planets in people’s individual charts. I don’t want to discount astrological wisdom gained over thousands of years, but I do want to take some of the fear away from the traditional void moon interpretation.

The part of that definition that I do like to meditate on during void periods is the second. I like to use void periods for doing something that I’ve been avoiding or something that scares me, because I silently tell myself that the results will be not what I expect. So I do track void periods and use them with the intention of trust and release. I invite you to start tracking the void moon too to see how it operates in your life.

I mention all this because it ties into the symbolism of the day. You’ll have opportunities today to reflect, to meditate, to space out in stillness, and later to see what you can let go of in order to be empowered. Try to balance any excitement or fear that may stir up with Taurus peace and persistence. Some things take time. The superintendent of the first apartment we owned used to say, “Brick by brick you build a house.” So today reflect on what you’ve built, what fills you with love, and where you might want to dwell in the future. And take some time today to ground yourself, to ask someone you love for a hug, and to savor all that nurtures you.