The Virgo Moon

(Moon in Leo trine Venus in Aries 1:53 a.m. EDT, Moon trine Saturn in Sagittarius at 4:22 a.m., Moon trine Uranus in Aries at 6:50 a.m., Moon sextile Mars in Gemini 7:14 a.m., Mercury in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn at 8:02 a.m., Moon Void of Course 7:14 a.m. to 12:15 p.m., Moon in Virgo at 12:15 p.m.)

Before the moon leaves the sign of Leo today, it makes three supportive aspects and an energizing one. And then Mercury gives you a chance to synthesize the information deeply if you choose before the moon enters Virgo. Which information?

How have you given and received love recently? How have you managed to keep the faith and endure? How have you broken through some challenging boundaries or setbacks? Which actions or words make you feel safe and strong in your surroundings?

Try to take some time to reflect in a mindset of love and to appreciate yourself and others today. And when the moon changes sign, love yourself and others by noticing the little things more. See how what you’re good at enhances the world around you. Pay attention to who offers to help you. When the moon is in Virgo, humility goes a long way as a spiritual lesson. If something is less than ideal, see whether you can improve it steadily over time. If you feel overwhelmed today, retreat for a bit in silence, and try to feel the power and presence of someone or something greater than you, supporting you.