Taurus Lessons and the Waning Crescent Moon

The waning crescent moon is a good time to review how the New Moon Taurus lessons have felt in the time since April 26th and before the Gemini New Moon on May 25th. Did anything come up that challenged your peace and stability, your connection with the natural world? And how do you react when things were slow, when you had to work hard, when you had to be still?

Taurus energy is hard for me. Fixed earth energy feels anything but peaceful to me. I'd rather be gallivanting, expanding, exploring. I've had to remind myself of the meaning and opportunity in stillness. Today I had to take a sick day and just sleep. When I did wake up I was so confused by my inability to do more. But my body didn't leave me much choice, and thankfully my family and my boss encouraged me to rest.

In the past few weeks I've tried to watch the Taureans I know and learn from them. There's a wisdom in their steadiness, their ability to be solid, tender, sure. I don't know if they feel that way inside, but that's how they look. I often hear one of my Taurus role models tell the students in our school "Walk, don't run" and "Work hard. Try your best." He shows love through physical tasks like making coffee in the faculty lounge several times a day and toting in bags of apples to share from his apple tree at home. Mostly he spreads peace by being dependable, reliable, and comforting, making or keeping things simple for those around him.

So give yourself credit for the times this month you were able just to walk, not run and try your best. Or even if you simply showed up for a task that wasn't convenient. Give yourself credit for the times you tuned into your own body or worked towards the comfort and security of either yourself or the ones you love. Notice how you felt when people did so for you. If you didn't or couldn't rise to certain Taurus opportunities, maybe you can take time to reflect on them before you let them go.

Taurus is the first of the earth signs, where we sow the seeds of practical building but still may need to develop the skills and the maturity over time to manifest. Take the next few days to notice more within and around you as we approach the next moon cycle, so you can know what you treasure when it's time to find the words. Enjoy some simple physical pleasures. And under today's Pisces moon, above all give yourself a break for being human. The limitations of our own physical bodies and resources can be heartbreaking, but we all have them. It's still pretty amazing when we can somehow manage to try our best.