Moon in Cancer: Heightened Feelings

Today at 7:24 a.m. EDT the moon entered its own sign, Cancer. Cancer is the nurturer – the proverbial mother or grandmother who just wants to feed you. But Cancer is also the Crab. As Steven Forrest says, Cancer is learning to balance vulnerability with enough of a shell to protect itself. Cancer energy can be moody, overwhelmed by its own feelings and needs.

I’m on vacation with my family this weekend. I woke up to look at the chart of the day and write, facing the mountain views, but the four children soon joined me. The moon was still in Gemini, and they started telling me funny stories about school. There was a levity in the air, and for a half hour I just enjoyed the company and conversation – watching them wiggle or pace while they reminded me what a big deal it is when your teacher catches you chewing gum.

But after the moon changed signs I noticed I started getting cranky. I really wanted to be in silence and write. I remembered that I wanted to update my website. So I excused myself, but not before my husband asked me to get him a cup of coffee. Damn: I just wanted to do my own thing. But I knew that I could show him love today by feeding him, so I got him coffee. That was growth for me – keeping perspective and not snapping at him, which was how I felt in that moment. I could only see my own needs. Yet while I had been visiting with the kids, he had made the coffee. He’s often behind the scenes keeping the household going. He’s so efficient and capable that I forget to take care of him. His asking me to take care of him was growth for him, too.

Sometimes it’s helpful to look at your natal moon to see how the day’s moon can either support or conflict with the ways you normally feel safe and give and receive love. See if you can integrate the two.  Cancer makes a challenging aspect to my natal moon, Aries. When the moon changed signs I instinctively felt the paradox. For the next couple of days I’ll remind myself to nurture people in ways like cooking, hugging, empathizing in addition to the ways I usually express love – by action and leadership. There’s something we all can learn from Cancer energy right now: Caring, imagination, emotion, family, home.

Everyone’s needs are heightened in Cancer, and remember yours are, too. Remove yourself if all the feeling overwhelms you and you want to retract in your shell. I just heard my brother say he’s going back to bed. I’ll take that cue to end here myself, so I can enjoy a cup of coffee with my husband.