Mercury and Mars Out of Bounds

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Mars and Mercury are both now out of bounds. When a planet reaches a declination that is beyond the declination the sun can reach, it symbolizes a time when the planet breaks out and goes rogue.

Mars will be out of bounds until June 28th and Mercury until July 1st.

What can that mean for us? Innovation, genius, revolution can infuse our perceptions, communication and action. But we can also go too far. We can become overwhelmed by worry or distraction. We can lash out more aggressively than we normally would. Another possibility of an Out of Bounds Mars in Cancer is anger turned inward or depression.

Try to aim this energy intentionally. Today is a good day to start. How do you want to break out more? Think of role models who have blazed new paths. Take in data from unconventional sources. Notice if the people around you are demonstrating this and let it be a cue rather than something that emotionally unsettles you. And try something outside your comfort zone. Sharing my writing and using social media more both terrify me. But they both fit these specific out of bounds themes, so I’m trying to keep the sun -- my ego -- out of it and just go. Sometimes we need to shake things up a little to become more fully ourselves.

Go for it.

(Aries Moon trine Saturn in Sagittarius 8:07 a.m. EDT. Moon conjunct Uranus 2:05 p.m. Moon sextile sun 3:41 p.m. Moon void of course 3:41 p.m. to 5:52 p.m. Moon enters Taurus 5:52 p.m.)