Last Quarter Pisces Moon

Misty Copeland of the ABT. We saw Hee Seo perform last night.

Misty Copeland of the ABT. We saw Hee Seo perform last night.

This morning the moon entered the last quarter phase.

Last night we saw the American Ballet Theatre perform Swan Lake at Lincoln Center. The good news was we got free tickets through Lyndon’s school. The bad news was we sat in the second-to-last row, in front of a three-year old who kicked the back of our seats or whined loudly throughout most of the show. I tried to be mindful of the Pisces moon lessons of compassion. I’ve been the child talking or laughing with my friends during Lincoln Center performances. I’ve been the desperate parent of a restless kid, not wanting to cut the night short when I was finally out of the house enjoying myself. That was hard Pisces: Letting go of the ideal to accept the human condition.

Easy Pisces last night was allowing the music and dance to move and inspire me: Following the story without any words and even getting the jokes. I was just so grateful for so many things at once – for my city, for the benefactors and grants that support the arts, for the artists, for my family, for the dreamy escape.

Here’s what Steven Forrest has to say about The Last Quarter Moon:

The Pilgrim; The Actor. 
Sensing the smell of home. Sweet sorrow. Longing. Romantic tragedy. Solitude. Art as an inner search. Service. Theater; ritual. The air of death and finality. 
The corner is turned; psyche returns to the dark hemisphere of the unmanifest and the internal. The bittersweet feeling of necessary endings permeates everything. Mechanisms of transcendence move to the forefront—thus, ritual, cathartic theater, and the inner journey of the solitary artist all make themselves felt.

While these energies really strike us today we may need to be especially kind to ourselves and others. The story of Swan Lake is heartbreaking: A prince meets a beautiful princess, Odette, who has been turned into a swan by an evil sorcerer. Only the faithful promise of a virgin can release her from the spell. The prince vows to marry her. But the sorcerer tricks the prince into committing to another instead. Odette jumps into a lake of her mother’s tears and the prince jumps in after her, so they can be reunited in death.

We’ve all failed others in heartbreakingly human ways, and we’ve all had our hearts broken. The last quarter moon asks us how we can deal with the tragic and bittersweet in life. What are the rituals that help? How does our inner journey become art that inspires others?

During the last few hours of the moon’s stay in Pisces I wish you peace. And when the moon moves into Aries later today I will be wishing you courage.

(Pisces moon square Saturn in Sagittarius at 3:44 a.m. EDT. Pisces moon square Gemini sun 7:32 a.m. Moon void of course 7:32 a.m. to 1:54 p.m. Moon enter Aries 1:54 p.m.)